Apiculture Section

​The Apiculture Section within the Directorate for Diversification and Competitiveness is responsible for the breeding of bee colonies in the apiary at Għammieri. Although the honey produced and its related products are sold at Għammieri, the principal aim is to breed the local bee species Apis mellifera rutneri.

The present colonies, which are currently being improved serve to produce additional colonies during spring. This Directorate is also working on a project in collaboration with a local NGO and the University of Malta, to perform DNA tests on the honey bee colonies at Għammieri and establish a propagation project that will serve to make available and disseminate Maltese honey bees to local bee keepers. This project aims to secure the local honey bee population whilst limiting the need of importation of queen bees from outside Maltese territory by local beekepers, and in so doing minimizing the introduction of diseases into the country.

Adjacent to the apiary is a corridor protected with netting so that students and the general public interested in the subject would be able to observe safely the apiary, its set-up and its surroundings.


bee on a flower 

bee on a flower




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Mr. Gilbert Camilleri
Diversification and Competitiveness
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