Diversification & Competitiveness Directorate

This Directorate plays an important role for economic growth. Changes in consumer demand brought the need for farmers  to shift from traditional trends that are no longer relevant and start seeking new opportunities. Farmers are being encouraged to diversify their products and find alternative ways to better their income  and be able to pass a vibrant farm economy to the next generation.  

Some work and services offered by this Directorate:

  • Assist producer groups, producer organisations, farmers and growers in finding new market niches in the agro-food industry, and in European markets.
  • Conservation and commercialisation of local fruit trees, plant/crop varieties and animal breeds
  • The diversification of traditional crops by promoting alternative competitive value chains of high value products.
  • Invest in research and trials so that farmers/growers can shift from traditonal crops and try alternative products that are more competitive and give a higher return in todays market
  • Coordinating agriculture extension service giving technical advice on how to improve in productivity and competitiveness, also in view of climate change challenges


Mr. Noel Azzopardi


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Ms. Vanessa Buhagiar
Diversification and Competitiveness
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