The Government Experimental Winery in Buskett.

The Directorate for Diversification and Competitiveness within Rural Development Department is responsible for the government experimental winery, situated at Buskett. 



This winery was built way back in the mid-twentieth century and was mainly built so that the government could start pressing grapes to help farmers. Lately in 2013 it started to be restructured and with the help of EU funds, the facility has turned into a modern experimental winery with all the relevant modern equipment which is needed in a small-scale production winery.  



The main role for this winery is to carry out any research and innovation in relation to wine and vine.

The winery is equipped with modern equipment for the pressing of grapes and supported by an oenology and a microbiology lab. The winery is surrounded with fields that are planted with a selection of autochthonous Maltese varieties of vines mainly Girgentina and Ġellewża. Girgentina is the Maltese white variety of grapes and produces a nice yellowish wine. The fruits mature quite late during September and the vine is capable of producing quite high yields. The Ġellewża vine is the Maltese red variety and produces a dark red wine. This vine is also capable of produces good yields of fruit in the month of September. Recently new autochthonous/historical vine varieties such as Beżżul in-Nagħġa, Miġnuna, and Tax-xemgħa have been added to the Directorate’s collection.
Another important role of the government winery is to annually prepare samples of Maltese wines so that isotopic analysis could be carried out. These wine samples are sent to accredited labs abroad so that the identity of Maltese wines would be determined. In so doing, information would be gathered and it could be used in the future to check if wines being sold in the market are truly of Maltese origin.
Although the main objective of this winery is not the production of wine, any extra wines still available after all lab analyses are carried out are sold to the general public.
outside winery premises 
        Outside Winery Premises
inside winery 
        Inside winery