The Regulatory Section, forming part of the Agriculture Directorate, was set up in 2012 with the purpose to ensure that compliance with EU and national legislation (and policies) are adhered to.

This is carried out by interpreting such policies into an effective regulatory procedure.  The Regulatory Section in this regard, is responsible in the execution of administrative and on the spot  controls so as to ensure that enforcement is made in the areas under its designation.

The objective of the Regulatory Section is to ensure that a holistic, effective and non biased balanced approach is maintained with all those affected directly or indirectly in the agricultural chain, including farmers/livestock keepers, processors, producer organisations, consumers and the environment.

To achieve this, the Regulatory Section focuses in ensuring that provisions within national and EU legislation are abided by.  In this regard the Section is responsible in the formulation of work processes to ensure that compliance is maintained. In addition the regulatory section follows up reports, and represents Malta during Commission and Council meetings, this ensures that its work procedures and policies are abreast with legal developments at EU level, whilst when necessary putting forward Malta's position.

The areas falling under the remit of the Regulatory Section include:

  • Compliance with the policies necessary for the setting up, recognition and governance of Producer Organisations and Producer Groups, together with the , monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of their operational programmes
  • Responsible in ensuring compliance with the Nitrates Directive , Nitrates Action Plan and relevant legislation, in ensuring protection of ground water from Nitrates contamination due to agricultural practices
  • Compliance with the marketing standards with regards to fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Compliance with the proper labelling and marketing of Organic food and feeds
  • Liaison with the Viticulture and Oenology Section to ensure compliance with the standardisation, certification and labelling for quality wines
  • Receive, through liaison of with Producer Organisations, the declarations, and perform administrative and on the spot controls for farmers applying for aid under the national scheme SMPPMA for tomatoes for processing
  • Liaison with the Olioculture Section for the software development with regards tot he Olive growers and olive processors registry
  • Make the recommendations, when applicable to the Malta Environment and Planning Authority for the movement of soil and trees for development purposes.
  • Provide the research from the land Archives.

The Regulatory Section is responsible for the software development pertaining to the Farmer Registry. This Registry is key for the Directorate to have a detailed and consolidated picture of the rural sector of the Maltese islands necessary to ensure proper monitoring and controls of the agricultural activity.​