Animal Husbandry Operations

​​The Animal Sections

The main focus of the animal units is the preservation of the autochthonous breeds.  These local breeds decades ago used to be kept as farm animals, animals that eventualy were replaced by other farm animals either because of a change in consumer demand or because of a perceived better return from exotic breeds. Therefore the keeping of these animals in the centre serves as an invaluable genetic resource of these endangered species.  Another important role of these units is that they serve for educational purpose and occasionaly as a recreational place for incoming visitors among which tourists.

The Office

The animal husbandry office is responsible for the procurement of materials, supplies and services for the section.  The reporting of milk and poultry data to both the European Institutions and the National Statistics Office. The officers within the Animal Husbandry Section are also responsible for Outside the Development Zone development consultations requested either by the Agriculture Advisory Committee or the respective applicant. All applications are vetted and  an onsite inspection is carried to access the proposal in conformity with existing legislation

​​Animal Husbandry Photo Gallery