The objectives of the Unit in relation to apiculture:

  • Maintain the Beekeepers Register for Malta and Gozo.
  • Provide queen bees and nuclei to beekeepers and controls bee swarms.
  • Work on trials related to the beekeeping industry.


The apiculture sector is regulated nationally by the Beekeeping Regulations, 1992 (L.N. 110 of 1992), as well as L.N. 213/04, which implements nationally the provisions of Council Directive 2001/110/EC relating to honey and Council Regulation (EC) of 797/2004 on measures improving general conditions for the production and marketing of apiculture produce.


The Directorate maintains the beekeepers' register which contains the information about all beekeepers across Malta and Gozo. The beekeepers' register also includes details of the permanent apiary site of each beekeeper and the movement sites in relation to those beekeepers who practice seasonal beekeeping, the quantity of colonies and type of beehive utilised. Inspections are also carried out on apiaries.

The Unit also sells good quality queen bees and nuclei reared inside the Apiary at Ghammieri and the Apiary at the gardens of Romeo Romano in Santa Venera.

Visitors may also view the Ghammieri apiary, which is designed in a particular way that allows visitors to view the bees at work through a net tunnel, without least disturbance to the bees.

In addition, the Unit also receives bee swarm reports from the public and is responsible for collecting such swarms, which are then reared in the Ghammieri Apiary.

Another important aspect of the Unit's work is to undertake research trials that explore new methods and techniques for rearing bees and monitoring as well as controlling disease.

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 Claudette Gambin
Scientific Officer
356 2292 4235

 Darren Borg
Senior Agricultural Officer
356 2292 4154

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