Quality National Schemes

Quality Regime for Agricultural Products in Malta

Currently in Malta, there are few registered quality-labelled products; however there is a widespread opinion that the Maltese Islands have vast potential to tap the markets presented by quality labelled products. It is essential for the Agricultural and Food processing sectors to reconnect with Maltese consumers to meet the unsatisfied demand for fresh and quality assured products, in order to service demand including the tourism sector.

In February 2014, an agreement has been signed between the Agricultural Directorate, within the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change and the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari, to provide Technical Assistance for the Setting Up of a Quality Regime for Agricultural Products in Malta.

This agreement will lead to the establishment of a Quality Regime that will allow for the development of a Quality Mark for Agricultural Products in Malta.

The Quality Regime consists of the following elements:

  • binding product specifications for each product which identify the production method and the elements that characterise the “superior quality” of the product or of the farming/production method;
  • an origin label;
  • a control system of the product/method specification;
  • a compulsory traceability system of the chain which guarantee the transparency of the scheme and assures complete traceability of products.

Register for Traditional Agro-Food Products

The concept of traditional Agricultural-Food Products is subject to interpretation as everyone has a different idea of what traditional really means. One can interpret traditional as something being a typical dish only prepared and served in Malta. Whilst others may include various foods brought in by foreigners and integrated throughout the years as a Maltese product. To address this issue, a legal notice was drafted to define what constitutes traditional products and a board will be having the final say following a public consultation procedure. The purpose of an official register is to serve as an official reference to the genuine traditional agro-food products. 

Legal Notices

Subsidiary Legislation 427.90 – Establishment of the ‘Products of Quality’ National Scheme Regulations

Subsidiary Legislation 427.89 – Establishment of the National Register of Traditional Agro-Food Products of Malta Regulations​

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