San Anton Private Gardens

The Presidential gardens include San Anton Private Gardens, the Presidential Kitchen Garden, the Verdala Palace at Buskett, and the Palace Valletta, which together cover an area of about 80 tumoli. Of the cultivated land 5 tumoli are used as a citrus grove, 6 tumoli are used for the growing of vegetables for the Presidential kitchen, 3 tumoli are covered with turf, while 3 tumoli including the two greenhouses are used for the growing of flowers. The remaining tumoli are covered with a mixture of exotic and indigenous trees.   

The responsibilities of this unit are the upkeep and care of the turf and the many ornamental trees, shrubs and climbers that grow in these gardens,  The unit constantly embellishes the Presidential garden at San Anton with the planting of seasonal flowering plants, and takes care of general cleaning, hoeing and weeding, takes care of the herbal and rose gardens forming part of the Presidential Kitchen Garden, the growing of fresh vegetables for the Presidential kitchen, the growing of fresh flowers, the care of more than 600 fruit trees, and the daily preparation of flower arrangements and flower decorations for all three Palaces.  Other responsibilities include the care and tending of a well-stocked aviary and a small petting farm.  The unit also actively participates in the organisation and running of the Festa taċ-Ċitru usually held in the first week of January, and other similar public activities held throughout the year.