Animal Ambulance

The animal welfare promotion and services directore offers an ambulance service for stray animals that are sick or injured.  This ambulance service cannot be extended to privately owned pets.  The animal ambulance also assists when there are accidents onvolving animals whereby the ambulance team will verify if there is a way to identify the animal and inform its owner of the accident.  Whenever this is not possible the animal is treated as a stary animal and is taken for treatment by Animal Wlefare. 

The animal ambulance can also be called when a dog that looks lost is found roaming in the streets, ambulance staff will catch the dog and verify if the dog is microchipped to hand it back to its owner.  Only dogs that are not microchipped and are injured or sick will be picked up, otherwise the caller is advised to seek alternative shelter for the dog in a sanctuary. 

The animal ambulance can be contacted on 1717.