Financial Assistance to Farmers in Connection with the Repair of Structural Damages on Registered Holdings

caused by the adverse climatic event that hit the Maltese Islands between the 23rd and the 24th of February 2019

Background of the Scheme

​An adverse climatic event which can be assimilated to a natural disaster hit the Maltese Islands between the 23rd and 24th of February 2019. Strong gale winds, heavy periods of rain, as well as hail caused damage to crops and structures as winds reaching speeds of 133km/h battered the Islands, resulting in huge losses to the agricultural sector.

he objective of this Scheme is to provide financial assistance for part of the costs associated with the repair and/or replacement of certain structures damaged by the climatic event.

Eligible Expenses

  • Costs associated with the repair and/or replacement of greenhouses or tunnels.
  • Costs for rebuilding /restoring soil-retaining dry-stone walls and soil-retaining rubble walls.
  • Costs associated with the replacement / repair of traditional water mills.
  • Masonry or steel work to replace and/or repair damage incurred on farms as registered with the VPRD.
  • Costs incurred for the certification by a warranted architect up to a maximum of 5% of the eligible costs.

Ineligible Expenses

  • Cost of repairs for damages that are not certifiable and directly caused by the adverse weather event, including where damage or deterioration was present prior to the event.
  • Costs for repair of structures which are already covered by public funding, whether national or EU, private insurance or any other form of financing.
  • Costs for repair of structures which are not in conformity with applicable legal requirements including those not covered by an approved planning permit.
  • Costs for repair of structures situated in parcels which were not registered on the applicant in the Farmer Registry (IACS) of the Agriculture Directorate and/or livestock farms not registered with the VPRD prior to the adverse climatic event.
  • Cost of repairs/rebuilding of soil retaining dry walls and soil retaining rubble walls, if the required repairs do not exceed one (1) running meter.

Documentation Requested 

  • Estimated bill of quantities by a warranted architect accompanied by a clear and unambiguous declaration according to the specimen declaration annexed to the application form that after having surveyed the structures to be repaired on-the-spot, he confirms that repairs or replacements pertain and are limited to damage suffered through.
  • The climatic event between the 23rd and 24th February, and do not exceed the fair market value of the structures claimed prior to the climatic event.
  • Photographic evidence clearly identifying the damage to the structures proposed for repair.
  • In the case of rubble walls, photographic evidence clearly identifying the area and the location on the holding of the rubble wall/s that are to be repaired with measurement of the height and length as certified by a warranted architect.
  • Site plan certified by a warranted architect clearly identifying the area and the specific structure that will be repaired.
  • One signed quotation for the use of professional services in relation to the repair, or where emergency repairs were carried out prior to the launch of guidelines, the original fiscal receipts.
  • Planning permit for all structures where this is a requirement by law.

Eligible Beneficiaries

nce is limited to farmers and/or SMEs active in the primary agricultural production sector who were registered as cultivators of land within the Farmer Registry (IACS) of the Agriculture Directorate and/or livestock breeders registered with the Veterinary and Phytosanitary Regulation Department (VPRD) prior to the 23rd February 2019 and whose farming structural assets were damaged by the adverse climatic event.

Maximum Grant Value

The maximum rate of financing of the eligible cost shall be up to 45%​.