Personal Use Waiver

In certain situations it is possible for people to get veterinary medicinal products from sources other than those approved by the Veterinary Medicines Section. Sometimes veterinary medicinal products may be bought over the internet.  

If certain criteria apply (refer below) the Veterinary Medicines Section may exempt the procurer from obtaining a veterinary wholesale dealer Licence and/or a Marketing Authorisation. 

Criteria for admitting veterinary medicinal products 

  1. The product should be for private use. It cannot be sold for profit or gain or given to Third parties. 
  2. The quantity of product should be proportional to the dosage regime and duration of treatment.
  3. The product is procured on compassionate grounds with the intention of  reducing  suffering   to an animal.
  4. To ascertain the conditions of criteria 2 and 3  the procurer may be asked for a veterinary   prescription and in some cases  a written clinical evaluation from a veterinarian.
  5. ​The products should not contain animal by-products derived from high risk areas where certain diseases (e.g. BSE) may be, or suspected to be present.
  6. The product should not include any indications that are not permitted in Malta.
  7. The product should not contain any unidentifiable or untraceable ingredients. 
  8. The products should not contain ingredients that are classified as illegal according to the laws of Malta.

Points on the vetting of postal parcels by the Veterinary Medicines Section

  • The most common way such products are intercepted by the Veterinary Medicines Section is through postal parcels that are sent by Malta Post for the vetting of the Veterinary Medicines Section.
  • The Veterinary Medicines Section vets the content of the parcels according to the criteria above  and its professional competence. It may then give its no objection for the release of the products from customs.
  • For a quick evaluation, an invoice with all the details of the supplier and consignee should be enclosed in the posted parcel. Details about the nature of the product is essential.  
  • Due to a high risk factor antimicrobial agents, narcotics, physcotropics and certain high risk hormones  should not be obtained in this way. The Veterinary Medicines Section does not normally give its no objection for release of such products.  
  • Whoever intends to bring veterinary medicinal products this way is advised to consult Subsidiary Legislation 117.14 before importing veterinary products.
  • Whoever intends to bring veterinary medicinal products in this way should keep in mind that imprudent use of veterinary medicinal products, e.g. antimicrobials, can have severe consequences, e.g. Antimicrobial Resistance. This is considered very carefully by the Veterinary Medicines Section when making its vetting.