The overall purpose of the Operations Unit is to provide support to the various sections within the Plant Protection Directorate falling under the portfolio of the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change.  This Unit coordinates the compilation of Business/Financial Plans and provides logistic support to the other Units.  

The functions of the Operations Unit include:

- ​Customer Care

- Human Resources

- Accounts

- Procurement 

- IT and Communications

- Health and Safety


  • Facilities Management​ and Maintenance Unit​​:  responsible for the facilities management including the maintenance of the precincts, the  upkeep of the glasshouse, shade house, screen houses, plastic house and the public garden at the Plant Biotechnology Centre. 

  • Media Room and Conference Centre:  responsible for ongoing communication and education, besides public awareness, which form an integral part of the EAFRD project “The Study and Sustainable Conservation of Varieties of Local Plants” intended to deliver information and instill an attitude of conservation towards plant genetic resources of local value and importance. Both the Media Room and the Conference Centre were built and equipped specifically for this purpose to be able to organize and host educational events such as seminars, training sessions and school educational visits.