Laboratory Services Unit

The Laboratory Services Unit within the Plant Protection Directorate includes the following laboratories, through which it provides laboratory testing services:

The Diagnostic Laboratories are equipped in carrying out tests that enable the identification of plant diseases.  These Laboratories perform testing for important plant viruses, bacteria, fungi, nematodes and insects, mainly in connection with EU obligatory surveys.  These laboratories provide service to the Surveillance and Enforcement Unit within the Plant Protection Directorate.

The Soil and Irrigation Water Laboratory provides services for soil and irrigation water testing to the farming community and the general public.  Requests are also received from students to carry out tests at the Plant Health Laboratories or use equipment within the laboratories in connection with their studies, including thesis or research projects.  

At the Seed Laboratory, tests are carried out on seeds for purity determination.  This service is provided to local farmers who applied for financial aid under Agri-Environmental Measure 3 of the Rural Development Programme and other entities.