The Plant Protection at a glance

We implement EU Directives, Regulations and Decisions related to plant health and quality of seeds and other plant propagation material.

Our Main Legal ACT is PLANT QUARANTINE ACT, 2001 (ACT NO. XVIII OF 2001), Plant Quarantine (Harmful Organisms) Regulations and its amendments.

The Directorate is the official body responsible for carrying out surveys and checks on plant diseases and seeds.

The Plant Protection Directorate is composed of different functions covering a) Plant Health Diagnostic, b) Monitoring and Control, c) Scientific and Technical Co-ordination, d) Seeds and Other Propagation Material, e) Surveillance and Inspectorate f) Facilities Management and Maintenance g) Research and Services and h)Plant  Conservation 

We provide services to clients and farmers such as chemical analysis on soil and water. Other services include seed purity tests.

We provide customer support to our clients, the farming community and stakeholders.

We organise seminars and information campaigns as part of our dissemination of information in relation to Plant Health and Seeds and Other Plant Propagation material.

We participate in workshops, seminars, conferences, working parties and training programmes which are organised by International Organisations such as EPPO, BTSF, COST and EU.

We are involved in projects in relation to the conservation of plant genetic resources.