Registration System

​This is of major priority for the harmonisation of the local system with the EU. Registration of commercial producers and traders is essential. Information required includes importer’s name, plants or plant material, type and quality of premises, foreign distributor/s and so on. Producers and traders are also given information leaflets on their obligations in relation to importation, exportation and movement of plants. Surveys are being planned to cover all growers. This is planned in such a way to cover all growers over a number of years. The systematic surveys would also include sampling and testing for particular pests and diseases. This is a very time-consuming task requiring personnel assigned to this issue only.

 The inspections carried out on producers’ / traders’ premises would not be restricted to enforcement, but also educational. The inspectors would be in a position, provided with information leaflets and necessary manuals, to educate the producers / traders in the ways and means used (protocols) to prevent the entry of harmful organisms and how to assess the general health of their produce. The producers and traders would be made aware that the presence or entry of an unnoticed harmful organism may lead to economic damage, hence, affecting their business and more dramatically the economy of the country. The producers would be asked to give details on the procedures they follow in their agricultural practices.