This unit is made up of professional officers including Scientific Officers, Agricultural Officers and Inspectors. The main duties and responsibilities under this unit are:


1. To maintain a Phytosanitary certification system for exported agricultural commodities.

2. To provide technical expertise to government, industry, and foreign officials, on interpreting the intent, scope and applicability of plant health requirements for agricultural commodities imported into the country or exported to foreign trading partners.

3. To maintain the importation procedures including fees and administrative work, including documentation and record keeping.

4. To develop the regulatory work plans that serve as the technical basis for regulations allowing importation of plant and plant products.

5. To ensure that each entry point is under surveillance to prevent the entry of harmful organisms.

6. To arrange for the identification of intercepted pests and diseases.

7. To inspect plants and plant products for any suspicious containment of harmful organisms.

8. To undertake plant quarantine clearance of imported goods which have met plant quarantine requirements.

9. To assist and supervise the proper and safe disposal of uncertified infected or infested plants or plant products.

10. To inspect places where plants are being grown or stored.

11. To maintain good public relations with importers and producers.