The role of the surveillance & Inspectorate unit

​The aims and objectives of the Inspectorate and Surveillance Unit (Plant Quarantine) are:

  • Preventing the entry of harmful organisms through examining imported consignments from third countries through identity and physical checks, and accompanying documentation.
  • Monitoring and surveillance of intra-trade EU commodities (plant and plant products) an Local production of plants and plant products (surveys regards EU obligations, plant passports, etc..) to maintain the plant health status of Malta.

official sampling at the grain terminal 

Sampling at the grain terminal 

This unit also helps traders, operators and local producers obtain export certification and facilitate export of their produce.
The role of the Inspectorate and Surveillance Unit, as regards interception and routine sampling of plants and plant products, is basically the stepping-stone to diagnostic investigations in the diagnostic fields.
The Inspectorate and Surveillance Unit (Plant Quarantine) in collaboration with available diagnostic facilities, is expected to promote quality phytosanitary standards and boost agricultural trade in and out of Malta.