Seed Laboratory

​​The Seed Laboratory located at the Plant Biotechnology Centre, Lija, carries out analysis of seeds and purity tests of cereals and fodder plants in connection with Agri-Environmental Measure 3 (AEM3) of the Rural Development Programme.   

The determination of purity is done in order to ensure that local farmers who applied for financial aid only use high quality seeds as required by the same measure.

wheat, seed divider and onion seeds 

The purity test includes the determination of pure seeds, weed seeds and inert material.  The work carried out in these tests involves the preparation of small working samples from the samples submitted to the laboratory.  The weight of working sample used depends on the type of seed.  In case of wheat and barley a working sample of 120 grams is used but in case of Sulla, a working sample of 60 grams is prepared. The sample is then tested for purity by visual examination and visual detection for the presence of any diseases.  Finally all the relevant data is recorded and an authorised report, with all the results expressed in percentages, is issued.