The Premises

The Plant Biotechnology Centre is situated in the historical and peaceful village of Lija and has a history ranging from the year 1625 up to present times. The main offices of the Plant Protection Directorate are situated within these premises from where most of the activities of the Directorate are coordinated. A small number of highly dedicated staff works in this building. Such staff includes technical, scientific, supervision, industrial and administrative personnel. The majority of the staff has a college and/or university degree and most of them took further training abroad. Some employees are still attending courses or being trained from time to time to acquaint themselves with new techniques so that work is done in a more efficient, effective and professional way​.

The premises of the Plant Biotechnology Centre

At the end of 2015 the PHD completed a project entitled “Study and Sustainable Conservation of varieties of local plants” with the aim to minimize further degradation as well as the promotion of various landraces of local plant genetic resources. The project value was circa 2.6 Million Euros which was co-financed under the Rural Development Plan for Malta 2007-2013. The highlights of the project include:

  • Upgrading of Diagnostic and Micro-propagation Laboratories;
  • Establishment of a Botanic Garden ‘Ġnien il-Pjanti Maltin’;
  • Building of a Visitors’ Centre including a Media Centre and a Conference Hall;
  • Setting up of a new Seed Laboratory;
  • Sanitation of local citrus varieties;
  • Creation of a database to establish an inventory of Maltese plant genetic resources.

Boardroom at Visitors' Centre

Conference Hall at Visitors' Centre

Entrance to
 Ġnien il-Pjanti Maltin Botanical Garden

Ġnien il-Pjanti Maltin 
Botanical Garden

Ġnien il-Pjanti Maltin 
Botanical Garden

Ġnien il-Pjanti Maltin
Botanical Garden

dia Room at Visitors' Centre

Media Room at Visitors' Centre

Media Room at Visitors' Centre

Reception area at Visitors' Centre

Visitors' Centre and Ġnien il-Pjanti Maltin