Parliamentary Secretary Dr Alicia Bugeja Said

Dr Alicia Bugeja Said was born in 1987 into a working-class family in Mgarr. After she finished her studies in Malta, she obtained a Doctorate from the University of Kent, England in 2017. she was subsequently engaged as a post-doctorate in Canada, and afterwards in France. In 2020, she was appointed as the Director of Fisheries within the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights.

Dr Bugeja Said is looking forward to fulfilling her vision of farmers, fishers, and ranchers, all having a sustainable environment to sustain livelihood. She has always been close to people as she believes in genuinely fostering grounded change and improve the quality of life.

As Director of Fisheries, Bugeja Said made multiple contributions in areas under her responsibility, and a lot of work has been done that has positively affected fishers. Prime Minister Robert Abela has now entrusted her with the responsibility of a Parliamentary Secretariat.

The portfolio related to Parliamentary Secretariat for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Animal Rights entails demanding but crucial sectors in our country. The areas of fisheries, aquaculture and animal rights need attention to maximise their potential while always being prepared to overcome the difficulties that may be encountered.

Parliamentary Secretary Alicia Bugeja Said has sufficient knowledge to find solutions to the sectors’ difficulties. As a scientist, she is ready and prepared to work for the industries under her remit because she can understand the challenges they face.

Bugeja Said  is married to Malcolm. They have a daughter, Margaux.