Nisġet Artna Ħarifa 2023

National Action Plan For Organic Food 2023-2030

Animal Welfare Directorate Reform 2023-2026

UNFAIR TRADING PRACTICES in the agricultural and food supply chain

Guidelines for persons using animals in shows or performances.

Prohibition of force feeding of a bird and prohibition of fur farming

Temporary Price Stabilisation Subsidy Scheme (Emergency Measure)

The Rural Affairs Department (RAD), within the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Animal Rights (MAFA), is re-launching the Temporary Price Stabilisation Subsidy Scheme (Emergency Measure) to guarantee local food security and mitigate the increase in price of food products triggered by the disruption of the global commodity markets due to the pandemic and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. This Scheme applies to imported wheat intended for local production of flour and imported flour intended for human consumption; imported cereals and ancillary materials required for the manufacturing of animal feeds and pre-mixed animal feeds for farming purposes intended for the local market. Duly filled and signed Application Forms and supporting documentation are to be received in electronic format by not later than noon of the 15th January, 2024.



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